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Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution, in its third edition, is a Concise Hornbook, published by West Academic. More information is available by clicking on the photo.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Assessing Students' Performance in Negotiation, Mediation, ADR

"Assessing Our Students, Assessing Ourselves" is a great resource for ADR teachers and also has insights for other teachers and those who train negotiators and mediators.  It is available here chapter by chapter in pdf form.

It's published by the Hamline School of Law Dispute Resolution Institute and contains the following chapters. 

1.  Introduction: Assessment as Mirror, Noam Ebner, James Coben & Christopher Honeyman 
2.  Evaluating Our Evaluation: Rethinking Student Assessment in Negotiation Courses, Noam Ebner, Yael Efron & Kimberlee K. Kovach 
3.  Pop Quiz: Do You Use This Evaluation Method?, Noam Ebner & Yael Efron 
4.  Reflective Journal Assignments in Teaching Negotiation, Bobbi McAdoo  
5  The Black Box of Student Evaluation: Course Participation, Noam Ebner & Yael Efron 
6. Using Recordings, Melissa Manwaring & Kimberlee Kovach
7.  Negotiating the Assessment Criteria, Joel Lee
8.  Interviews as an Assessment Tool, Boyd Fuller
9.  Simulation Design for Learning and Assessment, Noam Ebner & Daniel Druckman
10.  Empowerment and Recognition: Students Grade Each Other's Negotiation Outcomes, James Coben
11.  Making Reputation Salient: Using the Reputation Index with Law Students, Nancy A. Welsh
12.  Assessing the Adventure, Sharon Press, Noam Ebner & Lynn P. Cohen
13.  Evaluating Email Negotiations, Melissa Nelken
14.  Assessing Negotiation Competitions, Nuno Delicado, Horacio Falcão, Ellen Deason, Sharon Press, Shahla Ali, Eric Blanchot & Habib Chamoun-Nicolas
15.  A Competition Without Winners or Losers? The Ontogeny of a New Negotiation Event Format, Horacio Falcão
16.  A Benchmarking System for Assessment: An Experiment Creating More Transparency in Grading, Boyd Fuller & Sohni Kaur
17.  Portfolio Evaluation: Kaleidoscopic Insights Into Learning, Michelle LeBaron
Assessing Ourselves, Noam Ebner, James Coben & Christopher Honeyman

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