By Stephen Ware, a law professor at KU, in Lawrence, Kansas.

Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution, in its third edition, is a Concise Hornbook, published by West Academic. More information is available by clicking on the photo.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ohio State Law's ADR Program's "Divided Community" Project

Today, the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law formally announces the Divided Community Project. The Project aims to strengthen community efforts to transform division into action and focuses on how communities can respond constructively to civil unrest as well as on how they can identify and meaningfully address the reasons underlying community division.  Earlier this year the Project published its first publications:

·         Key Considerations for Community Leaders Facing Civil Unrest: Effective Problem-Solving Strategies That Have Been Used in Other Communities, provides background information and expertise for local community leaders to assist and strengthen their effectiveness in responding through collaborative approaches to civil unrest. Key Considerations proposes six suggestions for dealing with the immediate aftermath of a divisive incident and makes two suggestions for longer-term strategies for addressing the causes of conflict.
·         Planning in Advance of Civil Unrest, offers leaders a stepped process to plan in ways that will avert or deal constructively with these divisive community events. Such a plan can help a community deal effectively with community division. Planning in Advance suggests eight strategies whereby communities can tackle division.
Both documents are licensed using the Creative Commons so that (with attribution) they may be copied, shared, adapted and tailored to fit the needs of a community or interest group. 
The Project is pleased to announce that Grande Lum, Gould Research Fellow and Lecturer at Stanford Law and former Director of the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service, has joined Ohio State’s Divided Community Project as the Director.