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Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution, in its third edition, is a Concise Hornbook, published by West Academic. More information is available by clicking on the photo.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Online Dispute Resolution in Which Court System Helps Individuals

Interesting paper, ODR and Justice System Integration: B.C.'s Civil Resolution Tribunal, in the Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice, by Shannon Salter of Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia.

The description of the Civil Resolution Tribunal sounds very user-friendly for individuals. For example:

Before beginning a claim with the CRT, a person with a dispute can access a free online tool called the Solution Explorer, which uses guided pathways to help a person learn more about their dispute so that they can make informed choices about how to resolve it. The Solution Explorer asks a series of questions about the dispute, and then provides information and resources tailored to that dispute.  For example, someone contesting a condominium bylaw fine might be given information about the applicable provisions of the Strata Property Act as well as a template letter to edit and send to their condominium council. At the end of the pathway, the Solution Explorer provides a summary of the person’s claims, as well as recommended resources and next steps.   

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